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Ashinaga Ikueikai

Content Writing 

Event Planning
Event Promotion

Speaker Outreach 

Verbal Translation

Halcyon Handcrafts


Content Creation

Content Scheduling

Logo Redesign

Middlebury Box Office

Content Creation

Customer Support 
Event Support

Sulara Organics


Content Ideation

 Market Research

 Product Design

Tenryuu Arigatai

Market Research

Tourism Promotion

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Weathered Sweater


Event Research

Market Research

Outreach Meetings


Ryan H., Studio Director

Working with Qadira on Skator Gator 3D was seamless. Her ability to rapidly integrate with our team and produce valuable analytical work was matched only by the speed of her growth. It took no time at all for her marketing discoveries and insights to help guide the development of Skator Gator 3D. And those insights only grew in value as she had time to learn more about myself and the team.

Owl., Project Head
& Lead Developer

Working with Qadira to grow Jellyfish Parade's brand has been a true joy. As someone who is allergic to marketing, I've found that working with her has helped motivate me to want to showcase what my games can do. The tweets and posts written on my behalf are always sweet, cheery, and attractive-- driving up my engagement in a matter of months. I appreciate her willingness to go the extra mile to make sure I reach my audience. 10/10 definitely do recommend!

Liza S., Director of Mahaney Arts Center

I got to know Qadira when she worked in the Box Office at our Arts Center at Middlebury College, where she was quickly promoted to supervisor because of her great work. I would highly recommend her for work where intelligence, energy, maturity, and problem-solving is needed!

Robert C., Kobe
Program Advisor

Qadira's reliable and hard-working demeanor made her an adored member of the team; her efficiency at work and innovative ideas have greatly contributed to the future direction of [Ashinaga].


Hi, I'm Qadira!

I'm a content strategy expert passionate about helping indie developers & small businesses elevate their digital presence. A pinch of data analytics, a shimmy of intuitive design, & a dash of storytelling are the ingredients I use to create compelling content to grow client channels. 

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