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Small Batch Kitchen

Market Research, Website Audit, Website Optimization


Marketing Consultant

May 2021-Aug 2021


Jumpstart the overhaul of their e-Commerce site

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Portfolio Border (2)_edited.png
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Small Batch Kitchen is sustainability-focused market and

farm-to-table cafe with its own line of branded products. 



Starting with vending at local farmers' markets in 2014,

the company expanded into a 

brick and mortar location during Summer 2019. 


  As PA slowly reopened in 2021, the client observed

a notable drop in online session times and orders. 

How can we improve overall

user experience on the website?


Moonlighting as a Farmers' Market salesperson, I got a

sense of what customers SBK attracts.

To better reach customers wanting quick and seamless shopping experience, we decided to go with a utilitarian approach and clean up the website.


My starting point was a site with hundreds of products

featuring sparse descriptions, no photos, and many

duplicate items. 

With the limited timeframe, I used Square's seller interface to review duplicates, delete discontinued items, add photos,

write detailed descriptions, etc.

Consolidation was key theme during this project.

Many of the duplicate items were the same wares that

came in different varieties, like the Oma Herbal Teas.


As the project came along, it was satisfying to see the site reflect the company's eclectic vibe. It was also

great to see items become easier to find in our test runs,

but I would have liked to test it out with real users.

With +300 unique entries, the project could only

be jumpstarted within the timeframe. However, I believe

the foundation I laid will make the task much less daunting to those continuing the project

Portfolio Border (2)_edited.png
Portfolio Border (2)_edited.png
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